team registration information

Join the Firefighters for Operation Warm in a fun-filled day of strength competition - HERO'S HAUL FIRE TRUCK PULL.  Teams of 10 will compete against one another in timed events to pull full sized fire trucks 75 grueling feet.

Registration is open to all - police officers, CrossFit athletes, military members, average Joe's - anyone with a group of friends up to the challenge. **Be aware that your team will be required to pull the fire truck at least two times throughout the day, possibly more.

There will be a registration fee for your 10-person team.  Team captains can sign up the team and pay for themselves or pay for the entire team.  After the team is signed up, team captains will receive a link to send to individual team members so that they can also register.  **Please note - your team's full registration fee must be paid in order for your team to be eligible to compete. Click here for instructions about how to register your team.

After registering, you'll be sent a personal online fundraising page to help you and your team in your efforts to raise additional funding to help even more kids.